Study Hall

by Pensive

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Study Hall takes a look to the past heights of hip hop music as Pensive rocks over classic golden era beats while also taking a step forward in complex lyricism, style and subject matter.


released July 20, 2013



all rights reserved
Track Name: It's Been A Long Time
come inside the classroom, take off your jackets
open up to chapter one, the study of the classics
this is not your average, teacher who is speaking
more like some extra reading I've been sneaking on my weekends
cus i cannot get away from this, rapping i was made for this
study hall is like a tape to demonstrate my faithfullness
to everyone before me who expanded on the art form
I tilt my snapback hat and put my hand up on my heart for em
its been a long time since we cared about the elements
five essential parts of hip hop intelligence
if you were an mc you'd rock the mic with eloquence
bringing lyrical embellishment to your relatives
if theres evidence of your excellence your selling this
never been dependent on your popness or your relevance
i got this im the excrement, the shit in layman's terms
im hotter than the temperature of pits where satan burns

back in that state of mind, in the place and time
where i'm looking for a light, yeah a way to shine
back in the view to see, i do this fluently
representing my community
i'm doing me, it ain't for you to be
a critic i just live it spit it truthfully
raise your hands to the place where the roof should be
and then listen to my lyrics laced through the beat
and i'm the one, always keep some heat like a gun
except its near the street on my feet i can run
at any given moment if you notice sneakers laced tight
cobra with the vocals bringing dopeness like a snake bite
its hopeless i don't play fight, everything is real
if you focus and your aims right, better get a deal
man thats always in the movies but not everything is reel
you cannot flood the market when the levy has been sealed

so without further ado, i welcome you to study hall
come in hurry one and all even if you're young and small
you can still take notes about this generation past
that laid down the foundation that was set in place to last
they expanded on the early rap that grew out of the eighties
which was built upon the soul music they knew when they were babies
which all grew out of the blues, mixed with gospel and with jazz
now its time for me to add my own i thought you'd never ask
Track Name: Get Up, Wake Up (feat. Loki, Jack The Reaper & Dan Faris)
why they eyeing me?
is it the sneakers or the fly society, i find some irony
in the fact they telling me to mind the hierarchy
and try for minor league cus time ain't right for me
if music is a mental skill then mines a higher key
im thinking why’d they lie to me and say they didn't feel it
as if i've already finished with my music and i've sealed it
in an envelope with all my hopes and then they thought  they'd kill it
but this is not a hobby or phase i will not finish
even when the fat women sings it won't diminish
this music is a movement, the kind i want to share with you
so use it for amusement if that is what you care to do
the truth is i just do this cus these words keep coming outta me
sometimes i write in silence when the beat just seems too loud to me
regardless im the hardest of these artists coming live to you
with music sweet as honey so my tape is like the hive to you
be wary i could sting you without floating like a butterfly
i fly more like a falcon cus im faster than these other guys
but im not here to brag and boast im here to kick some bars to you
the other night i had a dream that i could pick some stars to shoot
they fell right out the sky and so i caught em and i kept em
and i put em in my pocket thought i'd use em as a weapon
it felt good to have protection from the darkness thats surrounding me
but then i opened up my eyes and saw what was around to see
my sheets were on the floor from tossing turning in my sleep
and the music from my dream had turned back into a beep, beep, beep

you need to get up, wake up, stop sleeping on me
cus im steady shining like i got a beacon on me
get up out the bed man open up your blinds
if you listen while i'm spitting i can open up your mind
open up your mind
these dopest quotes i spoke i hope will open up your mind
Track Name: Work
hop out the shower i'm late and i gotta get to work its
hourly rate so each minutes gotta purpose
feeling worthless, holding back a morning yawn
its aight though cus i got my favorite jordans on
make a little coffee, breakfast, grab my coat and keys
thinking bout this verse last night that i wrote with ease
funny how most rappers always hope to be as dope as me
but i'm not even mentioned when they focus on local scene
see i'm always back at school, and if i'm home im working
between that and my artwork barely time to fit a verse in
let alone some tweeting, Facebook updates on the weekend
and they wonder why i don't get the approval that i'm seeking
most rappers work the weed sale me im working retail
trynna make some money saving dollars for the details
working nine to five trynna strive for that kinda life
be that kind of guy with a future looking shiny bright

its not minimum wage, but aint that heavy weight
name tag everyday, same drag yesterday
work, work, work

so i'm working  one to nine feeling like my life is undefined
by any one of my plans for life and i wonder why
Most people let their creative minds be always undermined
Not digging deep enough so these golden thoughts go undermined 
I told you for the Hundredth time I'm old enough to stun you blind 
but thats just in my mind man my body can't buy rum or wine
cus i'm still under age and i know that i'm still under paid
until the day i'm on an island somewhere lying under shade
I spend my time in studio industrial designing
In the morning ride the bus and so I bust a couple rhymes in
Hustle just to shine and get nothing for my grind
Still I Love it when my lines let the public see my mind
Rocking jordan fives and some khaki pants no happenstance 
see i’m fresh in half a glance Be the best yeah that's my plan
Life can happen rather fast cant get back whats after passed 
I could die tomorrow but today I'll stand and laugh at chance

its not minimum wage, but aint that heavy weight
name tag everyday, same drag yesterday
work, work, work
its not minimum wage, but aint that heavy weight
name tag everyday, same drag yesterday
work, work, work
Track Name: Can I Kick It? (feat. Brandon Strouse)
these square MC's never understanding me
drop the m like dropping e just to feel my energy
rhymes like einstein, smoother than a fine wine
asking for a casket i’ll leave you a pine shrine
Im crazy on these tracks like a loco locomotive
place me on the map with these quotes I hope you'll notice
i'm adding to the movement every note just helps to grow this
i'm blooming fast as lightning on the road just like a lotus
hard to figure out, man my thoughts are like a rubik's cube
pensive minded music steady booming as i'm cruising through
maneuvering the subaru, stick shift in this sick whip
the outsides kinda muddy and the seats but i don't nit pick
more change inside the drawer than the cash thats in my wallet
my phones lost on the floor somewhere i hope someone will call it
and i'm running just a little late juggling my dinner plate
but of course i keep on singing with the music man i think its great

cutting cross the beat like I was slicing a shiitake
flow is always colder than the ice thats in the Rockies
won't stop until your ears will bleed i'm Tyson mixed with rocky
when I'm writing you can't stop me, my Drive is just so cocky  
Even when i didn't have a License I was probably
Speeding through your neighborhood I need a little break from good
Cus I've been nice so long just supporting like a table should
My legs are made of able wood never let em break or fold
But I just want to take the mold and smash it and then change the world
and I've heard enough saying that its all been tried before
They say its locked the key is lost but ill just pry the door
"thats not what your mind is for, listen to the Mayan lore
keep on working 9 to 4" muther fucking dinosaur
24 hours, working seven days a week
pennies won't add up you know you wont get paid to sleep
when your'e trynna make it with the alphabet from A to Z
Track Name: Not Feeling It
I feel the summer breeze, the waves are under me
sun is shining down and it seems no harm could come to me
but even so my thoughts are dark, defensive as i pen this
i'm locked inside this crate you can't relate cus you're not in this
starving artist on the farthest march with words that i am wielding
keep em guarded with some marble arches perfect for their shielding
cus these darkest arts are hardest when you're certain what i'm feeling
so i mask up all my thoughts like their a burden i'm concealing
i always stow emotions well behind some stoic poses
face as hard as stone is at the bottom of the ocean
if you're hoping for an open book filled with doves and roses
their all frozen as hypnosis cus i chose that i would close it
they don't notice how i grow this, so i keep my thoughts the coldest
and focus all my energy to spark alight creative minds
i say my rhymes and leave cus i don't really need to waste my time
chasing shine, i see this lane and i'mma take whats mine

fear i'm not feeling it
anger not hearing it
pain i keep concealing it
uh huh i hope i heal a bit
trust, theres no appeal to it
lust i gotta deal with it
just giving you realer shit
uh huh i hope you're hearing it

i'm not feeling it never would be stealing it
you try to show your style but you should be concealing it
you try and share your thoughts but their not worth the time
i'd say prepare to flop, but theres fights for first in line
when the wackest shit is dropping man theres nothing worse to find
cus thoughts don't really sell, they don't want to hurt you're mind
a price to pay for caring is the judgement worth the crime?
am i the only one who really loves it when the rhymes
bend across the syllables and shape together words
in a complex combination just to make a better verse
each line is packed with meaning, every word has got a purpose
and the cadence fits in perfectly not hurried and not nervous
don't think its just the words, of course i like bass
that forces my face like torque when i race
but your musiics all so simple i'm bored in five plays
sounds like you're still in school in the fourth through ninth grade

(your flow) i'm not feelin it
(the message) i'm not hearing it
(talent) you're not showing it
uh uh, i hope you grow a bit
(your sound) theres no appeal to it
(my thoughts) you gotta deal with it
i'm just giving you realer shit
uh huh i hope you're hearing it
Track Name: Chasing (feat. Loki)
Summer nights they fade away
Faster than they used to go
still we had the greatest days
chasing what we used to know
chasing what we used to know
chasing after faces and the places that we used to go

when i write each word is bright every syllable and letter shines
from inside of my clever mind i’m bringing you some better rhymes
but never mind the weathers fine id rather just take in the sun
text my friends, see if they in, to hit the lake at one
we’re grilling by the waters edge with music in the air
if its not time for work than i just do this in my spare
napping under oak leaves and slowly this whole tree
is swaying in this dope breeze thats got me feeling so pleased
my mind is full of punchlines the sky is full of sunshine
but this shade has got me laid up straight up chilling after lunchtime
cracking jokes to have a laugh, tap into that magic hat
feeling good and its a fact i rap and i don't have to act
look at that i'm back on track i just can't keep it off my mind
don't understand these cats who nap and say that they are off their grind
i’m moving in my sleep how a shark swims in the deep
and always keep my head up cus that the peak is pretty steep

Summer nights they fade away
Faster than they used to go
still we had the greatest days
chasing what we used to know
chasing what we used to know
chasing after faces and the places that we used to go

summers faded now and my friends are getting faded too
laughing, drinking, smoking man you know that their my favorite crew
of course we got the green, are sneakers black ,the lake is blue
weather still is hot but today we choose to play it cool
in a couple days we both will be away at school
cannot play the fool must get back to the grind
now we're passing the time, we can laugh and rewind
look back on every ass that smashed that was fine
every whore that we could score with and the
stories from the morning after
man i swore that was before…
who, her? she was last year
never mind thats weird
back to what we're rhyming bout
i feel like we're the finest out
try to tell em that i'm more than just a boring rapper
engage in discourse that matters when recording tracks
the skills we have now, in four years or more we'll master
graduate with honors, start to move this forward faster
touring past the scornful bastards thought we'd be torn and tattered
so put your hands up toward the rafters wave em side to side
raise them high as the sky as the days fly by
Track Name: Keep It Real
I'm fly as a pteranodon ran it like a marathon
When I die they'll say that I had balled like my hair was gone
The vicious visionary, coming with my wit and daring
Also got ambition but they're Not gone tell me Which to carry
on the bottom aiming up, opposite of missionary
swear to god that I won't ever stop til my tip is buried
but fuck it I'm sill having fun when I do this shit
adventures that I lead you on like I'm an elusive bitch
Never let you take me out , make no mistake about
my intentions in this venture, knew when i entered
for those with thirst for realness, i've come to quench ya
standing like a center in the center of attention
looking over heads like they look over me with mentions
in the booth i am an athlete, i'm active when i'm speaking
sliding cross the beat like i was practicing my defense
fast as when i'm speeding how i'm mastering the sequence
you never making goals i get hat tricks and repeat them 
you swimming in the shallows, i backflipped off the deep end
it must be weird for you to see a rapper who's not beefing
just calling out those sleeping on a mattress made of sequins
you're an actress on the weekends, so i'm laughing when you speaking
claiming that you're real but its not action that i'm seeing
cuss half of you are preaching and the other half repeating
but no one seems to follow chasing after what i'm seeking
and thats the realest music, so let the healers use it
to penetrate your mind with pensive thoughts and not confuse it 
the dopest lines i give you, snort em, don't abuse it
don't know what my brains been through, sort of, bout to lose it
so i pour it in my music, i lay it on these beats
when i say it its released, never playing when i speak
im thorough with rhymes you never heard of this kind
my word is so sublime that a third of the time
i've got to cover up my sight so i don't burn up my eyes
cus my lyrics are as bright as a pearl when it shines
you never, heard of a mind thats as learned as mine
i can travel throughout space, i can hurdle through time
just gotta think and in one blink i'll be  jumping through ages 
your brain just seems to shrink like its hunched up in some cages
or stuck in the matrix, never know whats real
not fucking with that fake shit, you better know the deal
I'm poet in his prime quarter through my life line
If you notice this in time then I'm on the right grind
Im so focused on my rhymes I don't see you write lines
These little white lies say I'm not the right kind
Cus they want another pop star and not an educator
They say that biggers better But I think that less is greater
cuss all i really need is a beat to kick my thoughts on
Something I could cruise to acting like the top gun
Everybody's day will come don't act like you don't got one
Giving you my story so I'm rapping til the plots done
Track Name: No Diggity
i give it to you so straight no diggity
so sick no hate flow wickedly
any beat any day pro symphony
making music with my words so vividly
flows wet no sweat go swim with me keep
my dignity won't be played by no industry
you're like the infantry i'm generally and typically
the holy trinity not meant to be the ministry
to me its empathy, knowledge mixed with liberty
i hope that realizations something i can live to see
till then im simply trynna give this world some symmetry
by bringing imagery both visually and rhythmically
so come and sit and see this work that i unfold for you
the words i told are true, never making molds of you
cuss i'm the one and only pensive you could ever know
take you on journey to extents that you would never go
Travel deep inside my mind as I give to you
The way I'm living dude promise that this shit is true
Don't get it misconstrued I've never had a hit its true
Never gotten in the news but hopefully you'll listen to
My music then you'll use it to escape inside your own thoughts
I want my fans to all be pensive not be robots
So make your own plot follow after what you love
Tomorrow will eventually come never leave it up to luck 
It's simple up is up and that's the only way ill go
Until the day I'm old and bout to leave this place I know
Til then I'm living large but only by the minute hand
Cus time is precious I don't ever want to live it bland
So it's extra cayenne to the eye glands
Let it burn if you cannot see that my plan
Will change the game it won't ever seem the same again 
And they won't ever mention great without my name again
i'm pensive minded, ready for action
spent some time, i'm better at rapping
i'm getting some traction, people start to notice
that i'm bringing back the passion and i'm making it the focus
cus i get a little hopeless seeing how these other dudes
keep on making number twos when they're in the fucking booth
that some shit for those of you who cannot follow
the truth is hard to chew and even harder when you swallow
Track Name: Sunshine
when she smiles its like sunshine it helps me unwind
forget the unkind, focus on the sublime
im keeping positive, but even sometimes
i see the opposite, and i'm of one mind
to simply leave it all, i think that freedom calls
but thats just doubt thats talking when i think i see a flaw
its simple we belong, couldn't leave alone
the thought that i was missing what i still don't seem to own
still don't seem to have it, isn't something plastic
definition stretching quick as something like elastic
its a classic passion that is well above the average
never passive with the action like that ass we keep it active
just imagine lying next to you, always makes it seem
Like every moment i'm alive's just a waking dream
a place so deep in thought that only i could paint the scene
i could fill the kings spot she could take the queens
and i could make my art and she could take my heart
and there'd never be a reason that we'd need to break apart

i cant get it off of mind
think about it every time
i turn around and see it
i thought i wouldn't need it
but now it seems i'm
falling into sunshine
I'm falling
I'm falling
I'm falling

The sun is shining down I don't think that there could ever be
A better way to spend the day then when it's just you and me
we're scrubbing in the kitchen, in the oven theres a chicken
i'm loving who i'm with and theres nothing here thats missing
but there's something on my mind cus I want you all the time
I won't front I cannot lie from the front or from behind
your body's way too perfect and your smile makes it worth it
you know that you can work it and its more than just the surface
can't believe just half a year ago i never even knew ya
but within a couple weeks i'd already seen our future
its a tour of karma sutra every time we lay together
kissing you all over cus your skin's soft as suede and feathers
body draped in lace and leopard, promise that we'll stay together
in whatever rain and weather it can only change for better
when we both just care about each other and our happiness
its nothing like that sappiness or i would not be rapping this
its something thats original and far from being fictional
you can hear in every syllables i love you and i'm missing you

i cant get it off of mind
think about it every time
i turn around and see it
i thought i wouldn't need it
but now it seems i'm
falling into sunshine
I'm falling
I'm falling
I'm falling
Track Name: Music of the Rebel (feat. Loki)
you gotta give a minute listen up
cant be missing what im trynna show you
its not the way that i wish it was
but you can't change what they will or won't do

they told me wrong place thats the music from the ghetto,
they told me wrong time thats the sound of the retro
maybe all of you need to chill and just let go
i thought hip hop was the music of the rebel

Fresh breeze from the west means
The winters fading and it's time to plant your best seeds
Time to grow not to rest see
And make your move like a chess piece
Ive got game like the Espys, the recipe
For some change in the next week
So live it up like your next scene could be your last
Or zip it up like some guess jeans heed the past
The stories that you listen to are more than just a fiction dude
horrors in the institute will force you to be in a noose
soon as you have run your use, then they will be moving on
leaving you without a clue, guessing if your musics wrong
but nothings wrong with you just the system that you live in
pressure all around you yeah they're wishing you would give in
but i don't even notice i don't listen when you spitting
i just keep on going on a mission with writtens

i'm a poet known for stoic faces
always racing always running man i'm going places
on the mic never known for basics
got that complicated flow man i'm so insane with
every rhythm that i give em, every rhyme that i try
if you listen when i'm spitting, then your mind is as fly
its a given i've got vision, keep my eyes to the sky
but i'm living with my mission steady biding my time
till the day that i can blow up, like breathing at the ceiling
when you all become my fans, when i reach you i can feel it
success is like a cold breeze, i feel a little hot though
so i'm blowing out the pot smoke and grinding till i'm not broke
painting all these verses man i'm fresher than the top coat
from my montana spray can and I wont ever swap flows
or stop so keep moving, all my methods proven
like clifford smith i'm quick to get the the green and then keep cruising
Track Name: Cruising Past
i'm headed home i worked a long day
i put the windows down, and let the song play
the beat is kinda loud, what that song say?
I just follow on the rhythm of the strong base

we're cruising
past the time
its seems its moving
fast in line
we cannot lose it
we have to shine
don't know if there's a place to go after time

i try to beat the sun home leaving from the grind
but by the time i come home evening has arrived
i know that i'm still unknown, believe me i will rise
people who hear one poem see with every rhyme
that my freedom is sublime, they believe that i will shine
so bright with all my light that you'll need screening for your eyes
like the sun in mid july clouds receding from the skies
so clear with all my visions you could read in every line
wont give you just my 2 cents, i'll treat you with a dime
can't give you the whole dollar cus i need it to survive
in this cold cold world man i'm freezing up inside
when i see that most these places filled cheating and with lies
always try to change you but their reasons in disguise
their smiling in your face while they're reaching for their knives
if you're seeing in your mind that you'll lose quite fast
you'll be leaving just in time if you cruise right past

i'm headed home its been a long night
played some pong and the homies packed that bong tight
til everybody there was lifted like a long flight
now we're fly and it only sees this songs right

we're cruising
past the time
its seems its moving
fast in line
we cannot lose it
we have to shine
don't know if there's a place to go after time

party in apartments cus in truth i hate the dorms
but a part of me is partial to any place where ladies swarm
sneakers grey and orange and the shoes laced loose
drinking grey and orange yeah the juice chase goose
its got me feeling fly while you stay cooped
my favorite chicks are here and her roommates too
and that liquor shes been sipping has a fruit taste dude
passing round the jay, like “you blaze too?”
and our crew makes use of the bass inside the speakers
while we blazing up the reefer and we're taking in the G-ness
of DPG or Nate dog, rest in peace to Nate dog
also was a genius you were blessing me with faith god
turn it up a little, neighbors knocking at the door
we'll be locking it for sure they wont bother us no more
got the right groove on with a nice smooth song
sit back and just relax let the night cruise on
Track Name: The Story
shorty looking fly as hell in her highest heels
knew that she was loose but i didn't notice she was high as well
didn't mean to stare, but that was just a try and fail
golden like where midas fell had me in the tightest spell
asked her if she wants to dance, says she might as well
grabbed me by the hand i could feel she liked to bite her nails
maneuver through the crowd i don't even know her name yet
pretty soon were moving like we almost have the same sweat
back to holding hands she just gave the over shoulder glance
i could feel her grinding on me like i was a pole to dance
turned around and grabbed me said lets find a place upstairs
i just nodded and i followed set my bottle on a chair
the nearest door was locked and the bathroom had a line
two girls came walking toward us one was laughing one was crying
they just pointed down the hallway when i asked them where we'd find
a spot, the door said private but we walked right past the sign
I opened it the room was full of opiates no hopeful kids
with smokers lit of toking hits thats smelling like the dopiest shit
coffee tables coated with some lines they're doing coke off it
some local kids providing what these students fill their noses with
I turned around to walk right out but something pulled me back
her fingers still were clenched in mine, and she was holding fast
some girl had called her name, but i still didn't catch it
she said "that girl is my friend can we say hi for just a minute"
so we sat down on the couch and when the L came back around
i didn't pass it I just ashed it thought that is would calm me down
they didn't seem to mind with another passing round
and their nugs all on the table as if its a massive mound
this dude said that the J was only half and half with weed
with tobacco or some other shit? "just take a drag and see"
instead i passed it as he asked "do you want a tab of E?
no charge if its for you girl i got this bag for free
i turned around to tell her yo thats not a good decision
it was already in her mouth so i knew she wouldn't listen
put an upper on her tongue, didn’t know that it was laced
now shes tripping high as heels and her sole feels out of place
sneaker her out the back so we can can find a spot to kick it
hope she'll boot a bit so she doesn’t feel so twisted
i told her not to take it but she just shooed me away
i avoided going toe to toe but how could i have known the ho
would pop something so strong that it could leave her in a comatose
must have felt the pressure after watching people blow the snow
now she's cold as ice and i'm wishing that i closed the door
finding out some things that i never would have known before
Track Name: One Time For Your Mind
one time for your mind two times for every time
that i blind you with a line where every single letter rhymes
i haven’t done it yet so keep your ones up in the sky
but if you ever wanna bet i wouldn’t come up against i
a pro with all these tools, a lyrical technician
exposing all these fools put fear in the best christians
i remember being little and hearing a jet wishing
that i could be as fly a miracle thats missing
now my talents through the roof, i'm here with my next mission
i only see the truth you peer with my inept vision
and barely even spot me out, fake is what i'm not about
i'll keep spitting wisdom to them till they see the thought is out
till they think in pensive minds, leave all of the fence behind
and open up to anything that you could comprehend in time
in the meantime i'll keep showing you the reason why i feel this way
it feeds my mind with seeds in time that grow into a field of grain
this artist then can harvest it and bring you words and visions
the hardest thing so far has been if people heard the rhythm
the over smoothest over jazz beats i’m getting mad freaks,
making ladies smile like a baby with some fat cheeks
clear that im an athlete the way that i am running this
training on the track wouldn't want to get in front of this
instead just get in back of this and help as i attack this shit
and lead where you will follow like a pack of rabid activists
i'm actually quite passionate for rapping as a form of art
so don't conform and start to ruin this 'fore i perform my part
still got a lot to say so don't cut my microphone yet
my lyrics are a known threat to those outside my own set
the coldest with the verbals got entendres in the tundra
and i’m aiming for the top cus i’m not fond of what i’m under
thats a hundred other rappers who aren’t really filled with hunger
when my stomach growls like thunder you should probably duck for cover
cus my minds bright like lightning, i write like i'm striking
lyrics leave you bruised like you fight twice with tyson
you might like to bite him, in the back of your mind
so grab the track and rewind don’t miss these accurate rhymes
if you think that i won't notice better practice your lines
i could crush your whole persona like i’m cracking your spine
leave you laughing behind, with barely half of your mind
while i flash past fast as an accura drives
Track Name: '92 to Infinity
this is how i do from 92 to
this is how i do from 92 to
this is how i do from 92 to
this is how i do from 92 to
until i'm stretched out in a shiny new suit
the boxes made of pine their lined and new too
i offer you my words so guide me through true
if i see an afterlife i'll find it through you

my life will fade away and my body disappear
but this is still the same i'll make it crystal clear
so that my words remain, hear them breathing through the beat
even that alone is a reason to compete
I came into this planet 20 years ago to date
probably be another 20 before they hearing what i say
but i'm here and i'mma stay with no fear i will not sway
til im hearing cheers from all my peers from here back to the bay
i don't want you to miss it like your steering went a stray
i just want you to listen while your cooking in your kitchen
or heading to your work or class like going on a mission
or maybe while your working out or fixing up your car
or blowing on some trees while your wishing on a star
fuck wishing for a call, i'll just go and get it and
keep writing out my story but not cus no one has read it
its just cus no ones said it, do you think you get it?
Track Name: OK In The Queen's City (feat. Loki) (Bonus)
yo its pensive from the other queen city 802
shouts to the dude lute introduce me to this tune
don't know him buts cool real is recognized by truth
when i step inside the booth i be jeopardizing you
and shout out to j dilla for the unofficial loop
me and loki rhyme together like an unofficial group
man i'm loving what i do when i'm running with the crew
we're not coming from a stoop where the guns and pistols shoot
best believe we got the rifles though for hunting and its true
out here we got some rednecks theres nothing you could do
but we also got the hippies green thumbs roll up the sticky
yeah they grow it when they need it best believe it keep it trippy
no cars except for suburus, prius and some trucks
dirt roads what we're cruising through can't see us from the dust
throw the salt down in the winter and its leaving us with rust
past snowbanks i be drifting when i'm weaving with the clutch
like four, down to two, up to three back to four again
headed back to burlington this city means the world to him

welcome to the green state
its all love so leave hate
behind you when i find you
in my city where the queens stay

to all my ladies, feeling like a queen
put your hands up in the air if you like to sing

to all my dudes though
keep it smooth and never snooze so
if your in the mood you could kick it like us two yo

welcome to the green state
its all love so leave hate
behind you when i find you
in my city where the queens stay