by LoKi

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Lo Ki
Unconscious Ego
Intuitive Rational
Dark Light
Death Life
Space Matter
Feminine Masculine
Infinite Finite

LoKi has been a tool for me to find balance in my life through self expression and reflection.

I have recently translated it into (oK), which is an organization centered around creating Projects, developing our unique Powers and collaborating with People.

These three core principles are what I unconsciously, then consciously, used to change myself from a lazy, nervous, lonely person into an energetic, confident, connected person.

This project, (SPACE AGE), is a conversation between Lo & Ki.

Whenever "You" are mentioned in this project, it is Lo speaking to Ki.

Perhaps the most positive change that occurred in my life was I started to listen to Lo, my unconscious, intuitive thoughts.

Before, I didn't believe they were valid because they were very different from what I was told was "true" and "right" by my peers, my teachers and American culture as a whole.

As Einstein said, “The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”

There is a shift happening in the world right now towards finally acknowledging the "sacred gift". I call this time the Space Age.

You can see the emergence of the Space Age through the discovery of flow, the powers of meditation and breakthroughs in neuroscience among many other things.

Personal growth, reflection and societal change are the foundations of this project.

Though I am not a singer or producer, I am a rhymer that takes great pride in his lyrics and the music of CoopDaville and Knowble could stand on its own, so I think you will enjoy this project.

So without further delay, I'd like to welcome you to the (SPACE AGE)


released March 1, 2014

Album Artwork - Jack Martin
Tracks 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 8 - CoopDaville
Track 6 - CoopDaville & Knowble
Track 7 - Knowble
Promotional Graphics - Ryan Pierson
Features - Pensive & Hazel Woods
Additional Vocals - Will Solomon



all rights reserved
Track Name: The World Is Yours pt. 3
Its LoKi...and I'd like to welcome you to the...

Chorus: (space age)
believe what you've been told the world is yours
don't watch history unfold
the world is yours, the world is yours

Verse 1:
we don't touch, our atoms won't let us,
we're disconnected, its the nature
of this big and separate reality,
but don't believe that this is
all that exists,

theres also that pole thats holding all
what we've know to call black holes
space..the unknown
the place we go when we're done growing

between the two, alls connected
both parts collected together are the essence,
the infinitely divided finite spheres
that sing in the silence and shine when the nights clear

yea, what i find in this time of my life is weird
so i rhyme what i feel until my minds clear,
trying to steer through this…

The whole solar system is yours
Your soul has no limits so soar
You reaching for the moon?
Fuck that! Reach for Mars,

fuck yea! keep it up, yea, keep it up
The whole solar system is yours
Your soul has no limits so soar
soar, soar

Verse 2:
i react to the intergalactic traffic lights
naturally, universal, cus of the atoms
that make up my personal space
in the satellite state, uhh

i behold the world from a new perspective
its not something i choose, i let it,
my new view is from the moons reflective surface
from venus mercury jupiter and uranus'

the world is but a swirl of just a couple colors,
it makes me think of a brother
and sister different but the same in face
she makes him safe as he plays his games

a saving grace says practice what you preach
so i'm practicing up on saturn with a beat,
putting passion in my speech because
i have to earn to give up what i owe

to those living on this globe, battling deceit
so i let tunes loose like wet dunes
guess who, neptune? no its Lo,
here to make shore you know the best news
i'd like to welcome you to the


Believe what you've been told
the world is yours, don't watch history unfold
exert your force,

The whole solar system is yours,
your soul has no limits so soar
your reaching for mars? Fuck that!
reach for the stars, fuck yea,
keep it up yea, keep it up

The whole universe is yours
So what are you searching for?
You wanna reach the stars? word
I know you can go farther
Track Name: Naturally Universal
I'm the push and pull,
The out, the in.
The up and down,
The without, the with.

I'm the empty and full
The dark, the light.
The growth of life,
From the waste of death.

What you know as right,
And what you say is left.

I am both right and wrong,
The warm light of dawn
And the cold night thats long.
A force that is slight or strong.


War and peace,
Being awake and being asleep,

I’m the creatures cold deep below the waves of the sea
And the gleaming snow on the himalayan peaks.

I’m the seeds of the oats the hay or the wheat
The even rows splayed at your feet.

You could say I’m the East and West
go North and South like Canadian geese.

I'm an untamable beast
And a baby in need of a cradle.

I’m weak and old.
Sleeping, close,
To leaving, home.
I’m the beginning and the end,

I’m a wing I’m a fin, a grain of sand
I sing as the wind, and brace in a stand
Of my neighbors.

Five maples.
Alive, grateful
That I'm the light and the rain.

When we die we’ll lay
On the floor of the forest
And in time we'll decay.

for now i'm in control then i find i'm out of it
my visions full my eyes now are slits

humans, see me as a square
but i'm truly a circle,
i didn't chose to move as a pair
i'm naturally universal

I am you,
We are two.
I am whole
We are one, a circle

We are none, something, nothing.
What is done and what has begun.

theres nothing new under the sun
Track Name: Intergalactic Traffic Lights
Verse 1
my lifes serendipitous
my opportunities seem like they’re limitless
but i hate the days and the nights i’m scared to live in,
thats why instead in my eyes the red
is what you see plus the green lights that tell you right where my district is
yup, i lit it up cus i don’t give a fuck
but if you care to listen its,
a couple words so you can adjust in, a troubled world where you can trust

Lifes strange,
and I know,
if the lights change
to yellow,
ill find the right lane, and i’ll slow
and when the lights change, i’ll go

Verse 2
a light rain refreshes my head
with a message thats quite plain it says
let your white js step,
off the accelerator, let your slight frame be caressed,
by the westward  wind and blaze something
press your finger on the play button
your physical and cerebral health
i’m pretty sure, are in need help
so appreciate the stop and the music
and enjoy the moment or plot for the future

Life's strange,
and I know,
if the lights change
to yellow,
ill find the right lane, and i’ll slow
but when the lights change, i’ll go

Verse 3
A swift shift in my vision presses me
to get the green that I see ahead of me,
though, best believe, both, my recipes are let it be and let it be
but what my aunt heather sees when she reads my head for me
is a steady stream of confetti cheese going
into me and then back out to make sure i’ve met the needs
nearly all others, yellow red or green like early fall colors,
thats what i see ahead of me

Lifes strange,
but I know,
if the lights change
to yellow,
ill find the right lane, and i’ll slow
and when the lights change, i’ll go
Track Name: 'Scending
did you know, that i've toyed
with the thought of being through with music
and the reason i'm not is though like an asteroid
I'm a rock, cold at heart,
i know as i drop, i'm warming up gaining momentum
racing towards my imminent impact as a name that they mention
changing as i'm blazing 'scending but at my core i'm intact
as bits of me are scattered all over the map
the biggest piece landed in the city of roveretto there 3
hundred youth know that lo's from v e r, m o, n t
cus this wise man had me write a song about sustainability
i had a day to do it so i rapped my peace over a statik beat,
played it for the school and they made me fully
believe they'd never heard the same ability
cus the way they reacted ki wanted to stay in italy,
no really though, they weren't just hardly clapping,
or sitting mostly silent like charlie chaplin,
they cheered hard for my cherished art and my passion,
positive responses make me contemplate,
contemplate, contemplate, contemplate
positive responses make me contemplate
what could i accomplish if the contradictions that i feel
could cooperate cus the competitions are actually real
am i trapped by fear or off in the space
like a comet i race through the atmosphere
shining, this is my time but i think
i'm scared i might be crashing, fear cracks the mirror
distracted, i'm lacking clear vision as to where i'll land, wishing
i can, find peace with my purpose, my way,
so i won't need to go searching for my worth all day but i'll stay
immersed in my personal space,
smiling at my inner light
quietly flying by in the silent winter nights
Track Name: General Space
Verse 1:
a warrior of the light marching forward through the dark corridor of life
my hearts not frightened by the horrors of the night,
from the start i've been fighting with friends
who's origins are quite foreign but i'm no longer
adam morrison i'm only scoring when i, need to,
i don't believe shooting is the ki to
freeing the people so i keep to
stealing and assisting to lead you
i'm stockton good the long lost offspring of robin hood
a god that stood up to getting stepped on like linoleum
i pressed on like napoleon
though my legs long i'm not ponying
thats not the mode for him going
on his quest growing in his way
getting strength from flowing through are space

i was oh so lo in hell
so i began to seek my ki
which built belief in myself
now loki knows he can be
the general the general

Verse 2:
I enlisted, at the age of seventeen,
My private eyes fixed on the planets lies,
as i began to try to spit my way through my mind
making some kind of progress, but taking my time
slowed further by my impatience, but i force
forward like a kings slave in the core
engaging more with the great eternal source
growing, a colonel (kernel)
its sort of like a astronomical rise
the accomplishments i've arrive to energize
me to push onwards and fly as far and as wide
as andromeda,
and its possible cus i started where i needed to,
looking deep into the mirror that is life,
its weird when you try it at first it'll likely hurt
to see your life reversed, objectified, by earth,
but then you realize you learned
inside of your personal space you were never
a private or colonel but a great general
waiting for the day when you can lead from your center

Track Name: Astronomy
i'll be the sun for you,
if you want me to,
i'll be the moon for you
if i'm moved by you,

every day, heading through space
in my steady way at an unsteady pace wait and race
every day, heading through space
in a steady way at my unsteady pace everyday

Verse 1:
How you pass through space
determines how things interact with you
its make a difference how your spinning
and the individual mixing of elements that exist
in you, whats in your vicinity,
what are you relative to in infinity
now tell the truth,
what do you need help with
i'm the elder youth the old kid
the unselfish moon, reflecting back to you
your own power, if you want to grow,
flower, i'll bring the gold out of my soul
shower you with love, thats what the sun does,
a light source in the dark,
the shadows will be gone if you let life bring warmth to your hearts
theres nothing to be done just come hug the immediate moment,
embrace the space you race through,
never wait to take in the grace, don't haste, wait to see where it takes you

Everyday, everyday, everyday, everyday, everyday, I'm heading through space (x2)

Bridge 2:
Flowing through space
Growing my way, everyday

Bridge: 3:
Come, enter my orbit
or let, me enter into yours
if you wanna feel, whats at your center
the potential at your core,
what more could you want?
Ok, heres the chorus


Verse 2:
no longer do i search for answers
i enjoy the chance to advance like a mirthful dancer,
not sure what candor will emerge my worths
a beautiful jewel of the earth like amber
wise enough to preserve the worlds grandeur
cool with being viewed as a fool unmoved by words of slander
compassionate to the mad men acting in a hurtful manner
i can cus i learned to handle my own person, cancer free
if your left looking for the right one to lend a hand, its me,
at night if you think i'm not there for you, stop,
can't you see, my light, don't be scared of the dark
stare at the moon be aware of who and what you are
tearing through the air without a parachute, a star,

Bridge 1

Bridge 2

Track Name: Satellite State (feat. Pensive & Hazel Woods)
For the 8, 0, 8 0 8 0 2
For the 8 0, 0 2
For the 8, 0, 802
For the 8 0 8 0 8 0 8 0 8 0 802

Verse 1 (LoKi)
Its yung LoK, toking a bowl of dope
that was locally grown on the slopes
below the home of some folks who with a stones throw
wouldn't hold a hope at hitting their neighbors house
man its, so country, and the organicness brings the flavors out
and the smoke flows out of the hole of the piece
into my previously vacant mouth, i pull it below, hold it
then exhale it out, ahhh
I praise this round planet so, i'm not making out like bandit no,
i take all that is given and i give what i can
you can say that i am driven to making my land
a safe haven for fam, able to sustain through change
we taking a stand against the waste and hating of maaan
damn, if we practice patience, we can,
last in this past forgiving, disaster ridden land
so if you think your a man then give me a hand with inking the plan
lead a life where you strive all day to understand
don't follow the masses keep on staying true
learn with your mind and create with your hands
and take off your mask when your in the 802


Verse 2 (Pensive)


Verse 3 (Hazel Woods)